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Gift Aid and MCC Finances

Your Chairman, your Treasurer and members of the committee spent considerable time and effort in investigating the rules of HM Revenue and Customs which, if followed, enable clubs like ours to be designated as Community Amateur Sports Clubs.
We found we did not qualify unless we changed the Rules under which we operate. We scrutinised and amended the rules paragraph by paragraph. The committee considered the proposals and recommended them to the Club's members in a General Meeting.
Our application was submitted to HM Revenue and Customs, and lo and behold, we were registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club.
The main, and to us the probably only, advantage is that we can reclaim income tax on Gift Aided donations. As Membership Contributions don't qualify, we arranged matters so that competition entry fees would so qualify.
Last financial year we received some £900 in such entry fees. However only a handful of members had signed Gift Aid forms and none of the members of other clubs who entered our competitions had signed the forms. The result is that for last year we can reclaim the princely sum of, wait for it, £46.
The Treasurer and the Committee acknowledge that they are guilty of not having pushed this matter sufficiently. They will arrange matters better this financial year.
But please members do ask for the forms when the opportunity arises and sign and return them to the Treasurer.

Club Events
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Keys to the pavilion are available to members who have not been issued with one. A deposit of £10 is required - please apply to David Parkins.

In the interest of security please ensure that all equipment is locked away when leaving the lawns, even if only for a short time.


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