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About the Club

MCC is a member of the Croquet Association (CA). This enables the Club and its members to be recognised throughout the croquet world, and to play using the national set of laws, in the UK. £7.30 of each club member's annual subscription is paid to the CA. The Club is also registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club; this gives it a status a little akin to a charity and enables it to benefit from Gift Aid arrangements in respect of some receipts.

The Club is a member, too, of the South Eastern Croquet Federation (SECF). The SECF arranges help for coaching courses, league games (association and golf), and a weekend of doubles play at a relatively easy and friendly level. These SECF games are often a gentle introduction to tournament play. £10 p.a. is paid to the SECF as an affiliation fee.

Please have a look at the other pages in this section to find out more about what goes on at our Club, its facilities, and how to join - and take a look at our pictures, too!

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